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Austrian Economics Master Program in Berlin

Economics is about human action and the coordination mechanisms in complex social systems. Economic thinking thus extends beyond the economic mainstream and mathematical formalism. Understanding economic processes rather requires a paradigm that deals with the world as it is. This is exactly what the Austrian School of National Economics does, and this is why its exciting insights form the intellectual backbone of this master’s program. Sapere aude! Today’s banks look to the Austrian School. This strong community is growing and globally connected.

Entrepreneurial Economics is the first European English-language master’s program based on the Austrian School of Economics. The program guides you through the development of economic thought up to the frontier of modern knowledge. This way you will gain truly extensive economic knowledge. This will broaden your horizons, train you to think analytically and outside the box, and, last but not least, offer you a better understanding of the complex environment in which entrepreneurs operate.

Our university focuses on your development. That's why we teach in small learning groups and in a friendly and personal atmosphere. You will be taught by renowned Austrian Economics lecturers with both scientific and business backgrounds. You will study at a campus that is centrally located, equipped with the newest technology, and known for its international and English-speaking character. In addition, this master's program can easily be combined with a side job, as our lectures take place on Wednesday afternoon until Saturday evening.

At University of Applied Sciences Europe you even get the possibilty to actively shape your studies and your career path. Depending on your personal career goals, you will select your own specializations and choose from a range of interdisciplinary subjects. The programs taught at our university also include practical projects with top business partners and optional field trips (for example to the Silicon Valley) which will prepare you perfectly for the job market of tomorrow. 



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