Supply Chain Management (B.Sc., Vollzeit)

Typ Bachelor of Science
Dresden International University
Dresden International University
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Studienform Vollzeit
Schwerpunkt Supply Chain Management
Studienbeginn Autumn
Dauer 36 Monate
Kosten 18.000,00€
Sprache Englisch
Ort Dresden

Dresden International University / Supply Chain Management im Detail

The German logistics sector is booming. With a turnover of over 250 billion euro and around 3 million employees, it is Germany‘s third-largest economic sector. Due to their holistic and interdisciplinary education, supply chain managers find interesting employment fields in the areas of procurement, production, distribution as well as in the sales of industrial and trading companies. Moreover, logistics service providers, which are becoming increasingly involved in the value chain, offer a wide range of applications. The capabilities of a supply chain manager are also becoming increasingly important in the public sector. From the perspective of the current labor market, there is therefore a demand for well-trained supply chain managers.

The Supply Chain Management course at DIU is an undergraduate course of studies that leads to the academic degree of a „Bachelor of Science“. Supply chain managers are experts when it comes to taking a holistic view of value-creating networks and supply chains. With their expertise, they ensure the smooth processing of global material, goods and information flows. Logistic and supply chain managers analyze the structure and organization of networked service and delivery systems. In addition to goods and services, an increasing number of data streams must also be considered.

The basic aim of this course is to strengthen the students‘ management competence and entrepreneurial initiative in order to be able to react adequately and professionally to global logistical challenges in industry, trade and services.

This program is primarily aimed at graduates with a general or subject-specific university entrance qualification or a technical college entrance qualification and is embedded in the fields of economics, law, management and leadership.

Admission Requirements

This study program is primarily aimed at graduates with a general or subject-specific university entrance qualification or advanced technical college entrance qualification and is embedded in the fields of economics, law, management and leadership. The application documents must be submitted in written form.


Marketing Controlling Logistic Management


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