Executive MBA in Compliance & Corporate Governance (MBA, Berufsbegleitend)

Typ Master of Business Administration
LCBS - Lake Constance Business School
LCBS - Lake Constance Business School
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Studienform Berufsbegleitend
Schwerpunkt Executive MBA
Studienbeginn September
Dauer 24 Monate
Kosten 24.500,00€
Sprache Englisch
Benötigte Berufserfahrung 5 Jahre

LCBS - Lake Constance Business School / Executive MBA in Compliance & Corporate Governance im Detail

Aim of Study

The aim of this EMBA is to qualify executives that work in a highly competitive global environment. Therefore high potentials are supposed to take part at this EMBA which is an interdisciplinary study that focuses holistically on management problems under the perspective of compliance and corporate governance. If companies want to continue to achieve exceptional results in all their fields of activity, they have the duty to systematically and thoroughly qualify their employees.

The EMBA in Compliance and Corporate Governance is a more application-oriented, non-consecutive, executive degree program that builds on an undergraduate vocational degree or a degree from Germany or abroad that is recognized as being equivalent.

The objective of the program is to convey in-depth skills in the areas of values-oriented business management, in particular compliance and corporate governance. This comprises the entirety of all reasonable measures that constitute corporate behaviour compliant to rules, companies’ organisational members and their members of staff with regard to all statutory commands or prohibitions, as well as the compliance of business conduct with all social guidelines and moral concepts, with moral and ethics and the methods and tools used to manage and oversee organisations.

Target Group

The target group of the Executive MBA program comprises local high potentials with some executive experience who wish to qualify for higher management levels and for coping with international challenges, especially in the filed of compliance and corporate governance. Applicants should be graduates with a degree in economic or non-economic disciplines, aged between 30 and 40 years, should have a professional experience of 8-10 years and should have been in a qualified leadership position for at least five years

Main Topics

The scope of this Executive MBA covers a wide management area with a special focus on compliance and corporate governance and adapted to Chinese/Asian requirements. The program ranges from general management knowledge to specific aspects like Chinese/Asian management culture. Great importance is attached on blended learning, which is a combination of different teaching methods like presentation through lecturers, books and e-learning. This combination allows a maximum output through optimal input. With this EMBA, the executives will generate more value to the company through being successful in a sustainable way, which is a combination of

  • Good business leadership
  • Integrity and compliance
  • Social and environmental responsibility

The program is the first of its kind. It imparts international management knowledge and interlinks those fields horizontally with important compliance and corporate governance issues. The 21 courses refer to six main topics, namely General Management, Creating Value, Building Values, Managing across Cultures, Human Capital Management and Organizational Development & Change Management.


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